Dilworth Old Boys' Association Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be paid as follows

  1. Waged Annual - $30 (WA)
  2. Waged 5 Years - $150 (W5)
  3. Unwaged Annual - $10 (UWA)

Note 2013 Subscriptions are due as of January 1 2013

Subscriptions are due for payment in January each year. Payment options are:

  1. Send a cheque to The Treasurer, Dilworth Old Boys' Association, Private Bag 28-904, Remuera, Auckland 1541
  2. Pay at the AGM (next AGM is at March 16 2013)
  3. Direct Debit to our bank account: DOBA, BNZ, 02 0160 0113602 00. Reference your payment with your full name and what type of subscription it is (WA|W5|UWA)
  4. Soon online payments will be enabled on this Website

Your subscriptions are very important to the operations of the Association. At present we only receive approximately 100 subscriptions annually which is very poor. So please make the effort this year to pay your subscriptions.

Once you pay your subscriptions for a financial year you become a Financial Member of the Dilworth Old Boys Association. This affords you a number of important benefits:

  1. Voting rights at the annual AGM
  2. Discounted events
  3. Recorded for the year as a Financial Member of the DOBA
  4. and more to be announced