Website Registration Information

If you are and Old Boy, Parent or some other member of the Dilworth community then we welcome you to our Website and ask you to register.

Old Boys, when you register, normally within 48 hours your registration will be linked to your Dilworth Old Boys Database membership record. Once that happens you will have access to more features on the Website. If you have any questions regarding this then please contact Mark Easton (

To complete your registration please click on the LOGIN link on the top right hand side of this Web Page. That will take you to the login form which includes a link for "New User Registration". There is also a link for when you have forgotten your username or password.

When completing the registration form the following will assist you:

  1. Just include the one First Name (dont enter your middle name in as well)
  2. Please enter your contact details in fully and correctly so that we can locate your Membership record and link your user registration to it
  3. Your birth date is entered in this format "30/12/2000"
  4. No need to fill in the "ID:" field
  5. We apologise about the "Maiden Name" field - clearly there is no need for that in our community
  6. Create a User ID that you can remember. A good one is simply your first name followed by your surname (eg joebloggs)
  7. When you have completed your registration and pressed the submit button you may see a page that says "Authorisation Failed" or something like that. Do not worry - your registration has worked. We will attend to this issue at some point.


New Features Coming Soon

Soon the following features will be available to you

  1. Link your Website Account to your FaceBook Account
  2. Pay your DOBA Subscriptions
  3. Review your transaction history
  4. Maintain your profile details