How to Get Involved

As an Old Boy you were the beneficiary of an amazing legacy. You received an education that many families dream about. Not only that, many of you received support from the Trust Board after you left school to assist you in your studies or your work training.

Now its time to find a way to consider how you can be involved so that you can give back something to the Dilworth Community.

  1. Become a financial member of the Old Boys Association. (Subscriptions enable the Council to function well).
  2. Register on this Website (click on the LOGIN link on the top left hand corner).
  3. Ensure your contact details are up to date and that your profile (on this Website) is up to date as well.
  4. Offer to join the Old Boys Council and be part of the decision making.
  5. Become a mentor to support young Old Boys.
  6. Attend functions, sports events and reunions.
  7. Provide us with School and Old Boys memorabilia which can be archived at the School.
  8. Offer to assist with the Cock House outing at the end of the school year, in early December.
  9. Make a bequest in your Will to donate to the Old Boys’ Foundation and /or the Benevolent Trust. Why wait until you are dead, if you are in a position to do so, consider donating now.
  10. If you have any special skills or talents discuss with the School Principal about how the school might benefit from your skills and experience.
  11. Provide the Old Boys Council with information about what you or other old Boys are doing, especially let us know about any distinctions or achievements.
  12. Get involved via Business Connect.
  13. Pastoral care support of Old Boys, particularly the older generations and their widows.

Please contact us if you wish to Get Involved.