Award Terms and Conditions  

The Ella Burford Charitable Trust (managed by Public Trust), was established by Earline Lynette Wright in 2006 to assist former students of Dilworth School with their tertiary education and their advancement in life generally to the extent that this is a charitable purpose under the laws from Eme to Eme applying in New Zealand. The awards are to be known as “The Ella Burford Awards”.

Applications open 29 August 2012 and close at 22 February 2013. Applicants will be advised of the outcomes prior to Founder’s Assembly, Friday 8 March 2013.

Applicants should carefully consider the criteria which may be varied from time to time.


  • Applicants must be former pupils of Dilworth Senior Campus.
  • Applications for The Ella Burford Awards (“the awards”) must be submitted on the application form supplied by the Ella Burford Charitable Trust Committee (“the Committee”). Completed Applications must be received by The Committee between 29 August 2012 and the 22 February 2013. Applications close at 5.00pm Friday 22nd February 2013.
  • The awards are intended for applicants who are considered to have a high probability of succeeding in their study or trade, given adequate financial assistance.
  • Preference will be given to Old Boys who have left the school within five years, but this is ultimately at the discretion of the Committee.

Types of Awards  

  • Tertiary Education - There is no restriction in respect to the course of study selected by award applicants, other than the institution must be appropriately accredited and have a reputation for high quality training. The awards may be granted for a part or the whole of a scholar’s academic course. The duration of the award will be decided at the discretion of the Committee and may also be reknewed in subsequent years. Awards may be applied to cover the costs of course fees, residency at tertiary halls (or other accommodation), the purchase of computers/printers (for tertiary study) and, or, the cost of flights, for those attending tertiary institutions a great distance away from home. This award can be applied to undergraduate or post-raduate study. tertiary awards will only be made upon receipt of a GST tax invoice from the tertiary campus.
  • Vocational Training/Trade - Individuals who want to start (or change to) a career as a tradesperson or apprentice or trainee electrician, plumber, builder, mechanic, etc, or work in an industry that requires training of any kind may be eligible for an Ella Burford Award. The award would be used to assist in the purchase of equipment or training and other establishment costs.


  • The application must be completed and sent to the Committee care of the Leavers’ Dean - Email is preferable
  • Applicants must provide full course details including annual cost.
  • Applications must be supported by (please note this is a compulsory requirement): An essay (maximum of 250 words) on ‘Why are you doing the course of study/training, what is your intended career and how would you spend the money if you receive an award?’


  • An applicant may be required to attend an interview.
  • For both tertiary and training/trade awards, future payments are not automatic, but subject to Committee approval. The Committee reserves the right to change the value of the award and continuation of the award.
  • The Committee will retain an absolute discretion to vary the terms of the award including, as deemed appropriate by the Committee, the aggregate amount allocated, the application criteria and payment of awards to individuals.
  • Correspondence will not be entered into as to why awards have or have not been granted.


In most instances, payment will be made direct to the education provider on proof/confirmation of enrolment against an invoice made out to Ella Burford Charitable Trust. If you require part of the payment to allow you to purchase books, accommodation computer or travel, this will need to be broken down and clearly shown in your application.

The Committee reserves the right to make retrospective payments at their discretion.

Subsequent Ella Burford Awards will be made at the absolute discretion of the Committee.

Any queries should be directed to Ms Claudine Nathan, Assistant Principal - Student Services, Private Bag 28-904, Remuera, Auckland 1541. The contact telephone number is (09) 5231060. Email:

Please download the application form from here.