Patron - Murray WiltonPATRON: Murray Wilton was elected patron in 2007 on the death of Jim Poole. He has had a very long and close association with the School and the Old Boys Association. A pupil from 1944 to 1954, he was Number 717 on the school roll. In his final year he was Head Prefect, member of the 1st XI cricket and 1st XV rugby teams, awarded blues for cricket, swimming and crosscountry, was “proxime accessit” to the Dux, was the first Queen’s Scout and won the Ludbrook Cup for Best All-rounder. He returned to Dilworth as a teacher and housemaster from 1961 to 1968, worked overseas for 11 years and returned as Headmaster from 1979 to 1997. He served for many years on the Old Boys council, including a term as secretary and periods as newsletter editor. He was an editor of the first “Stud Book” in 1966 and, 40 years later, wrote “The Dilworth Legacy”. He has been a trustee of the Benevolent Trust since 1979 and is the current chairman. He is a Life member of the Association.

Donald J MacLean - Principal and Vice-PatronVICE-PATRON: Donald MacLean was elected a Vice-Patron upon taking up his appointment as the seventh Dilworth Headmaster (first Principal) in 1997. Born in Inverness, Scotland, Donald MacLean was educated at Hillhead High School and Glasgow University from where he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in English language and literature. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1978, trained as a teacher and taught at Gisborne Boys’ High School and Northcote College before becoming Head of English at Epsom Girls’ Grammar School and Deputy Principal of Mt Roskill Grammar School. He has had an active career in music as a member of the Gisborne and Auckland Choral Societies and his other interests include art, literature, drama, travel, swimming, gardening and watching sport. His position as Principal carries with it an ex-officio appointment to both the Benevolent and Foundation Centenary Trusts. He takes a keen interest in all Old Boys’ activities, is a welcome guest at all events sponsored by Old Boys and an eagerly anticipated after-dinner speaker.

Vice Patron - Bruce OwenVICE-PATRON: Bruce Owen was elected Vice-Patron in 2007, shortly before his retirement from the Dilworth staff. Born in Sussex, England, he came to New Zealand in 1952 with his mother and brother. His education continued at Tauranga Boys’ College, Auckland Teachers’ College and the University of Auckland. While teaching at Cornwall Park School in 1964 he was appointed a House Tutor in School House (Dungannon) under new Housemaster Murray Wilton, and so began a long friendship with Wilton and an extraordinary, lengthy association with the School. In 1966 he joined the Dilworth intermediate teaching staff. By 1968 he was also the first Housemaster of Hobson House (Armagh, then Donegal). In due course he joined the secondary staff, became Head of Social Studies and, soon after Wilton became Headmaster, Bruce Owen was his Deputy. Under Principal Donald MacLean his responsibility was expanded to include the title “Head of Senior Campus”. When he retired in 2007, Bruce Owen had set records for Dilworth longevity: 44 years on payroll, 42 of them as a full-time staff member. No other Dilworth employee has come even close to those figures. Known to generations of Old Boys, he has regularly attended Old Boys meetings and social events.