Foundation of the Old Boys’ Benevolent Trust

At the instigation of Number One Old Boy Bert Callwell, the Old Boys established a fund to assist Old Boys or their families in cases where there was hardship, ill health, death or incapacity. At a special general meeting following the annual general meeting at the 1971 reunion, discussions took place on the form and purposes of the proposed Trust and the Council were given authority to proceed with its establishment. The original officers of the Trust were R.A. Hewitt (ex officio, Chairman), Headmaster R.P.G. Parr (ex officio, Secretary) R.F. Taylor (appointed by the Trust Board), J.W. Poole (appointed by the Old Boys’ Association). H.G. Mossman was appointed Honorary Auditor and D.S. Firth Honorary Solicitor. The first task of the Trustees was to canvass Old Boys for donations to establish an investment fund which would generate cash for the purposes of the Trust, but by 1976 the Trust received a significant injection of funds from a surplus left over from the seventieth jubilee celebrations.

The fund now has an investment base of about $70,000 and dispenses around $4,000 annually in financial assistance to Old Boys and their families. The current Trustees are Murray Wilton (chairman, appointed by the Trust Board), Steve Taylor (appointed by the DOBA), Donald MacLean (ex officio) and Adam Hiron (ex officio). The appointed trustees see their role as also being one of pastoral care and they spend considerable time keeping in touch with older Old Boys and with the widows of Old Boys. Recently they visited Ray Moncur in Cambridge, now in his 90s and sometimes feeling that he is out of touch with the DOBA. The trustees are also conscious of the need to grow the investment base by appealing to Old Boys to continue contributing to the fund. This is especially important in these times of economic constraints and low interest rates.